View Full Version : Lost Toothbrush

Brian M
22nd July 2008, 09:29 PM
Just as i am sitting here quietly reading the posts i realize Daisy is on the floor quietly chewing something and Daisy being Daisy its trouble jump off the bed go up to her take a piece of white plastic out of her mouth ,Whats That i wonder ,Oh wheres the toothbrush i just cleaned their teeth with it Help i cant find it.Look over at Rosie on the bed whats she got OMG shes chewing on a tube of logic gel get that off her calm down and think cant find the toothbrush !.Dawn comes up she can hear the panic and me noisily searching then i think ,Dawn is the girls toothbrush in the bathroom ,i took it there to clean, Yes it is ,Whats that bit of plastic Daisy was chewing then i realize it was a Little top off the tube of logic gel Rosie was eating well it looks like Daisy gave it a good chew but did not swallow anything panic over .Daisy stop chewing that cardboard box here we go again.Why is it always Daisy and now shes teaching Rosie ,but i wouldn't part with them for the world :rah:

23rd July 2008, 03:14 PM
Sounds like fun in your house!