View Full Version : Pet insurance questions

25th July 2008, 07:35 PM
Okay, so everyone on this site talks about insurance. I have never explored the option, so I'm looking at it now. I guess my question is; what is the cost/benefit factor? If I insure both of my dogs, the premiums will run about $540 annually. The only way I could see this being worth it, would be in the case of a major surgery or a genetic condition (SM, PSOM, MVD).

Are hereditary conditions even covered?

25th July 2008, 08:01 PM
I found out the benefit of insurance last month when we lost Pixie. Her day and a half in the Vet Hospital in ICU was $1300.00. I was happy with Embrace and their service and payment of the claim (90% after my $200.00 annual deductible). I picked Embrace because they cover genetic conditions and continuing care as well.
I wish I'd had it on my collie, Lad earlier this week because our visit to the vet trying to diagnose what made him sick, xrays, bloodwork, & meds cost $280.00. It would have been covered. If we hadn't found the tick that did it to him, he was likely less than a day away from a critical care situation, or, god forbid, dead. (He had tick paralysis).
I will definitely buy from Embrace again when we get our new pup.