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1st August 2008, 06:35 PM
Bill & Rosie Rehomed

BILL and ROSIE arrived at the Blue Cross on the 18th July 2008.

Their owner had to part with them because her young grandchild moved in to the home and the dogs did not get on with her.

BILL can be a vocal little dog especially when there is lots of excitement going on! He enjoys human affection and will need plenty of grooming to keep his coat knot free! He has a grade two heart murmur.

ROSIE is a nervous character who relies on her canine companion to give her confidence. She doesn't like going for walks without him! She has an under-active thyroid. This causes her to put on weight and feel lethargic but her medication helps to stabilise her condition. She has a grade two heart murmur.

The Blue Cross will cover the cost of their on-going medical treatment.
All we ask is that you give them a loving home together. They will need gentle exercise due to their heart conditions.

They would be ideally suited to a mature person or couple who can give them the time and attention they deserve.

Would be best suited to a home without children.