View Full Version : Looking for a cav in about a month. In North West but can travel

3rd August 2008, 05:12 PM
Just thought id mention that im looking to get my first cav in about a month and though id post on here to say that if you know of any cavs looking for a forever home then we might be able to help. Even though we havent had a huge amount of experience with dogs (this will be my first!) we can offer him/her so much love and affection - if we can help out at all please message back
Laura x

3rd August 2008, 05:29 PM
Laura, there are several listings for dogs that come up in the UK here so be sure to check those. Also, contacts for the regional club rescues are pinned at the top of this forum, as are websites for some of the rescue groups that sometimes have cavaliers.

The best advice is to start your search near to the time you will be seeking a dog but expect that the search may take many weeks or months. There is generally an approval and homecheck process that must be gone through that can take a few days or weeks too so keep that in mind for your timeline.

Good luck in finding a cavalier through UK rescue. :)

As this is breed rescue and not a general rehoming section, people do not post dogs they are personally looking to rehome on this board. For those kinds of listings, look to your local vets or small ads as sometimes people rehome through those resources.

3rd August 2008, 05:43 PM
Are you both getting a puppy and looking for a rescue dog? I see you just posted in Introductions saying you are getting a puppy in a month? :confused:

I'd recommend dedicating at least 12 months to your puppy alone til you have him thoroughly mature and trained. Then at that time -- minimum 12-18 months for your first dog -- consider a second. Puppies are enormously demanding and time consuming and need your full attention for their first year of life -- you will not have time, especially as an inexperienced owner, to manage both at the same time -- trust me! :thmbsup: You also really need to be sure that even one dog is the right fit for you, before taking on the responsibility and serious costs of two. :)