View Full Version : 2 nd Hols

Brian M
5th August 2008, 09:26 PM

We are off again on Sat for our second weeks hols and Lukes fourth ,last week he went off with the Scouts for a week and this week hes on a five day Karate course at Lancaster Uni ( hes only 12) in his quest for his blackbelt so i have to go and collect him on Friday then on Sat down we go to the Wye Valley http://www.foxesreach.co.uk/ for a week but Dawn insisted this was to be a week with no pets (meanie) but Ive talked her round to taking baby Rosie so Pops and Daisy go to my friends kennels which they have been to and Ami and Tammi to their usual cattery which is superb and FAB (Feline Advisory Bureau) inspected.We had a little wire haired terrier wandering down our road which is a cul de sac and as i hadn't seen her before we managed to coax him into our house which the cats and cavs did not appreciate ,she had a collar and a disc with a phone number that didn't ring and an address around the corner from me ,so i popped her into Rosie's crate and took her round to the house the people where very appreciative it was the Lady's mums dog they were minding so i gently suggested a bit more care and a tag with more updated info so it all ended well.Then last night in the park with the girls we met little Rubin a gorgeous 20 week Blenheim who kept following my three all around hes got me thinking about another pup but we will see ,at least his owners upon talking to them went to a local reputable breeder and hes being fed quality food , its funny after learning so much from you all that often your first thoughts are for the cavs wellbeing and so of course i always recommend cavaliertalk as a forum of all cavalier knowledge with everybody involved fine courteous and helpful . Oh and i splashed out and bought a Nikon SD80 a quality digital slr camera and the quality of the pics of the girls its totally amazing it even takes 3 pics a sec so action shots and running are superb and its got virtually no shutter lag so hopefully when i get my head round it i should ? post some decent shots ,and lastly i know i will have great withdrawal pains not seeing Pops and Daisy for a week boo hoo i will miss them greatly :(:(:(
And tonight on the girls walk we stopped in the carpark i got Daisy out then Poppy and finally Rosie by this time Poppy had gone over to a car by us just as they were getting in to leave she then promptly climbed in the front seat then onto the back seat by the couples baby ,the people were dog folk and fine so the lady carefully lifted Poppy over and out to which Poppy promptly again climbed back in ,then at last out so by now Daisy must of got fed up and decided to join in a amateur football game going on by us , oh its hard graft walking three cavs on your own so come back soon Luke.