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6th August 2008, 01:53 PM
:confused:Hi, I am new to this and was wondering if I could draw on the vast amount of knowledge here...............I have a new male 10 wk old tricolour called Buddy who is far to cute to describe. I bought him from a very reputable breeder where the pups were home reared, we met the father and have all the relevant IKC reg, microchip etc. We have him just over a week and he is settling in really well. My question is about his feeding, the breeder had him on, if I remember the name correctly...Burns Mother & Pup dry food, she gave me enough for about 10 days and recommended 50g per day total. I brought him to the vet for a check upa nd he was happy with him and gave him his 2nd set of vaccs, the thing is after 3 days he had really runny stools. When I spoke to the breeder she said to stop all food for 24 hours, this seemed to work yesterday he had his 50g of food and seemed to be pooping all day, really runny and slightly red, i have called the vet and made an appt for tomorrow am. My father recommended rice............is this ok, i have been reading recomendations about other tylpes of food, can anyone recommend anything, sorry for the long post, i am sure in time i will learn to abbreviate !!:xfngr:

ps The breeder recomended soaking the food overinght and then agian in the morning adding a little warm water

6th August 2008, 02:03 PM
If they are red and have blood I'd get him to a vet NOW -- this is very possibly haemorrhagic gastroenteritis and can quickly become fatal in a puppy in particular. The blood may also be caused by worms but you should not take this risk.

If you are in Dublin check my vets at www.anicare.ie -- I know one of the 4 branches can get you in TODAY. :thmbsup:

On the broader issue, Burns is an excellent food. Alternatively I'd recommend Royal Canin or James Wellbeloved as they are quality foods easily available from good pet shops. Supermarket foods are poor standard and should be avoided. I'd keep your puppy on Burns -- some runny stools on and off is common in puppies and the breeder gave you good advice. Also vaccines and stress -- such as going to a new home! -- can cause diarrhea. But if blood is in the stool I'd never wait even a day with a puppy that young.

PS normally the breeder would have the mother to show you, not just the father? But sounds like an OK breeder if they are homing older puppies and feeding well. :)

6th August 2008, 02:07 PM
Thanks karlin, I will get him to the vet as soon as I can, My local vet is really good, I meant to say that I saw the mother as well, she was in the house with the pups and the father was running around playing outside..........I'll let you know how it goes :thmbsup:

6th August 2008, 02:10 PM
That's what I thought you might have meant. :)

I have seen even adults go quickly downhill within a day of showing blood in stool so it is good to be on the safe side. The small amount of blood can quickly turn to passing almost nothing but blood. :eek: Most puppies also need worming twice about 2 weeks apart when they go to a new home -- most have worms from the mother at birth and need a few wormings. So a bit of blood may occasionally show from worms.

6th August 2008, 02:14 PM
its been 8 days now since he was wormed, would it tkae that long if it is the effects of the wormings, it's frightening because i neverthought I could become so attached to anything in 9 days :lotsaluv:

Im worried now, but the vet can see him after lunch

6th August 2008, 02:21 PM
Please let us know how your Buddy is doing. We have a blenheim Buddy who is now three years old and cannot image life without him.

6th August 2008, 02:26 PM
An initial worming won;t always kill off all the worms because of the lifecycle. It is the live worms which tend to cause occasional bleeding but more likely this is some gastric upset because you are also seeing diarrhea. The vet will probably give Buddy a little injection to calm his tummy and dry out his bowel and antibiotics to prevent any further infection developing. I've had to treat this 3-4 times in my adults.

Cleo's Person
6th August 2008, 03:26 PM
:xfngr: :xfngr: All goes well at the vets. Please keep us posted on how Buddy's doing.

I completely understand you becomming very attached to him in no time at all. icon_welcome to the board by the way.

6th August 2008, 04:34 PM
Hi and welcome!:p

I know exactly wot you are going through.
My 11 week old puppy Sasha had blood in her poo too(on Mon). So have fed bland foods(small but often meals).....chicken n rice,tuna and brown bread.
My vet looked at her straight away....she was weighed (and wil be weighed again in a week)and was given some injections to calm her tummy down and dry out her bowel. It has worked a treat.:)
Am still giving bland food for next few days and then have to gradually over 7 days or so introduce her normal james wellbeloved food.
My 2 yr old cav had a yukky tummy 2 a few days before with same symptoms but she suffers alot from collitis....so she had some meds too and is also, feeling much better.

Hope your wee one feels better soon! :xfngr:

6th August 2008, 05:38 PM
Hi and welcome..I know what you mean I had the same problem with my 4 yr old tri just a few days after I got him and it was so upsetting...Hope he is on the mend soon .keep in touch.

6th August 2008, 09:47 PM
Hi, we had the same problem when we got ruby i think it was about a week after she came to us, we fed chicken and rice on the advice of my vet, must be very common in this breed! Hope Buddy is better fast.

7th August 2008, 12:17 PM
Hi all, thanks for your concern yesterday, Buddy has been seen by the Vet and he has assured us that he is fine, he said its a regular thing with puppies and he has given us medicine to bind him up ( the name escapes me now) he needs it 3 times a day. he also said there is no need to change hos food as this will only upset his stomach more, itherwise he was happy with him and he is due back next wed for his 3/3 vaccs:rah:
I am trying to attach a photo but have had no luck so far, it in my album :confused:.....i'll keep trying

7th August 2008, 12:23 PM
just trying the photo thing :xfngr:

7th August 2008, 12:29 PM
Oh probably something to settle his stomach; that's good. :) I agree that I woudn't change his food or only do so gradually but really, Burns is an excellent food if you can get it easily.

There are directions on how to post photos pinned in the Getting Started section and at the top of the main gallery. You cannot upload or post them from your photo album here, you have to post to a public site and link to the image (eg Photobucket or Flickr).

7th August 2008, 12:43 PM
yeah, my photo is up :razz:
Thanks Karlin, my local vet stocks Burns food so its great

7th August 2008, 02:53 PM
Hi, I hope your puppy is fine. Pixie was suffering the same thing about 4 days after coming home, but the vet could find nothing to cause it, no parasites, tested negative for parvo, etc. There was bright red blood and very soft stools. She was put on a bland diet for a few days and it cleared up. Apparently sensitive tummys are common in the breed.

7th August 2008, 03:33 PM
Glad to hear Buddy is ok, it is amazing how quick you get attached to the little guys, I am sure he will be back to normal in no time :)