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6th August 2008, 08:57 PM
Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone remembers what their cavs weighed at 4 months....I took Lola in for her rabies shot today and she weighed in at 11 pounds. It seemed that was alot for a 4 month old to weigh? She is very slim and tall and lanky to me...I asked the vet if she was growing at a good rate and she said yes. I just don't want her to get overweight knowing all the health problems associated with an overweight cavalier.

6th August 2008, 10:21 PM
My cav puppy Sasha is 11weeks and was weighed on Monday at the vet....she was 2.7 kilos so thats 6 pounds.
My other dog Lucie (who is now 2) was 3.3 kilos which is 7.3 pounds at three months.She is now 20lbs at 2 yrs old.
I dnt no if that helps but if the vet thinks shes ok in weight then i would tend to agree....as im often told cavs come in all different sizes(lucie is very tall at 14" and chunky!) and shapes.:p

6th August 2008, 11:35 PM
That's a bit big. Most females are about half their adult weight at 4 months, if they come from average size litters, so you are probably looking at a slightly oversize adult dog that will weigh in around 22lbs (breed standard is 12/13-18lbs). As long as she is fit however she is the right size for her own build. Dogs often go over breed standard -- but that doesn't make any difference for a pet dog. :) The key thing is not trying to force a dog into the breed standard but to have a dog at a fit weight for its individual build.

7th August 2008, 03:56 AM
Holly weighed 6.7 pounds at 16 weeks. She came from a litter of 7. Her mom weighs 13 pounds and dad 16 pounds (if that even matters). I have regular contact with Holly's breeder who told me that Holly is right in the middle of her 7 siblings as far as weight and height.

Mom of Jato
7th August 2008, 05:00 AM
I looked up Jato's records, and he weighed 9 lbs. at 17 weeks. When he went in to be neutered at 6 months, he weighed 13 lbs. I think it varies by the structure of each dog. You should be able to "see" if she looks about right, and I'm sure your vet would tell you if their was an issue.

7th August 2008, 03:55 PM
At 4 months Zo weighed in at 8lbs. As an adult now she weighs about 18lbs. She hit 16.5lbs at 9 months and was done growing height wise. She just filled out. Her brother did exactly the same thing and is now maybe slightly heavier. Zo's mom's most recent litter is now 5 months. They also seem to be following a similiar growth pattern. Zo will be 2 in Nov.

Little Mylee at 4 months weighed in at barely 5lbs. Shes 9 months now and weighs 10lbs. Mylee's breeder has said that this particular line is slow to mature. She expects to see Mylee mature to about 14lbs. I'm still not sure about that but she knows her lines best!

Maybe ask Lola's breeder how her siblings are doing and what she expects. Breeders who have a few litters should have a very good idea the growth/maturity rates of their puppies.

7th August 2008, 04:39 PM
Ollie was 11 lbs at 4 months too. He is almost a year now and 19 lbs.

He is very tall and skinny and I think when he fills out (which seems to happen around 2 yrs) will probably be around 22 pounds.

7th August 2008, 05:27 PM
Anastasia was so lanky and thin, I think she only weighed 6lbs at her 4 month mark. she didn't fill out till recent, just now reaching 16.5 lbs. and that was after she turned 2. She eats a lot, but only when she feels like it. but when she does, watch out! I'm just hoping she keeps burning it off so we don't have trouble with her weight later on:xfngr:. My Eng. Cocker has always been a chunky monkey!!

8th August 2008, 03:09 AM
angel is almost 19months now and is just under 11lbs but most of the cavalier where i live are over double that. but i do know a few further afield from me are small seems cavaliers vary greatly in size :)