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10th August 2008, 06:31 PM
See listing under Lifeline Animal Placement and Protection:


11th August 2008, 01:05 AM
Karlin, I've called about Bogie a couple of times as he is very near my hometown. He has been with this rescue for about three months now. He was originally found as a young puppy wandering the streets. The same rescue who has him now was also the one to find him on the streets, vet him, then place him in a home. Just recently, his owner surrendered him to rescue again due to "behavioral" problems. I guess he was showing some tendency to "nip," particularly at children. No surprise that Bogie was never taken to any obedience classes by his previous owner and that there seems to be some turmoil going on in the home due to a divorce situation.

The rescue woman is very pleasant and seems dedicated to finding Bogie a good home. They are a no kill facility. I made her aware that there are breed specific rescues that would help with Bogie, but for now this woman would like to keep him and search for a good local placement. She has seen no sign of his reported "nipping" issues, but still wants to place him in a home with no children.

I've got my eye on Bogie and one other in a nearby shelter. I'll stay on it and keep you informed.

11th August 2008, 12:24 PM
Thanks for that background! Some good training would probably resolve whatever issue is there. The woman who has him should get a thorough vet check to be sure it isn't a pain-related issue -- that is where I start for evaluations of dogs.

I was really shocked just how many cavaliers and 'designer' cavalier crosses are now on petfinder -- there are literally pages of cavaliers at shelters all over the US.

The crosses can be really sad, especially when you think someone actually went out and probably paid a lot of money for them in the first place and could have just found a lovely dog in a shelter. There's one utterly nondescript cavalier-beagle mix -- I mean, WHY? All these dogs just grow up into the kind of dog you can find in any shelter or pound; why pay some BYB or puppy mill for a mix puppy when there are so many nice mix dogs already in need of homes?

I really urge anyone thinking of anther cavalier to comb through Petfinder; there are cavaliers all over the country plus the ones in breed rescue.