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14th August 2008, 03:05 PM
I just dropped off Kipling & Albie at the vet this morning for their neuters and I cried as soon as they took them back to the kennels. I know my vet is very compassionate but there was something about letting them go that made me well up with tears. My hubby was great at making me feel a little better but I cried the whole way to work and I know that I wont be a bit productive today. I am sitting by my phone for updates and counting down the seconds until I can pick them up. I am praying that it all goes well and they are safe and happy and not in much pain.

UGGG I can barely make it through this post without crying! Geesh I am puppy whipped!

14th August 2008, 03:20 PM
Aaaawww, I'm sure your boys will be fine! :lotsaluv: I get nervous whenever I've had to leave mine anywhere too, it's totally normal! :xfngr::xfngr: that their surgeries go well, let us know when you get any updates!

14th August 2008, 04:22 PM
AWWWW, that's how I will be tomorrow. :( Harley is getting neutered. I am sure everything will go perfect and you can tell me that tomorrow. LOL One question, are they sending you home with pain meds or is that necessary. I had my female weiner done and she didn't have any and she was fine. They didn't even recommend it because of them being TOO active afterwards. Thoughts??? Keep us posted!!!

14th August 2008, 05:31 PM
They said we will be bringing meds home but its up to us whether we think they will need it. We might want to give them to them tonight but we are just going to watch if they need them. I will keep you posted. Still havent heard from teh vets yet! EEEP!

14th August 2008, 05:43 PM
Don't worry, they will be fine, just make sure they dont jump up on anything for the next few days :lotsaluv:

14th August 2008, 06:11 PM
I felt the same way. You will feel better soon. I dropped my baby off at 8am and picked him up at 1pm. Let's just say even going through this procedure he had the technicians and his doctor wrapped around his paw. They loved him and vice versa. Even with the meds he was still his lovable self all kisses and hugs. :flwr:

14th August 2008, 06:18 PM
Thanks for the support! I am anxiously waiting by the phone, I am banking on no news is good news so far. I dont know how I am going to be able to finish my day!

14th August 2008, 09:01 PM
:hug: I know exactly what you are going through but you have it X2! I thought I was fine when I dropped Dottie off for her spay. She was so happy and licking the vet assistant as she carried her back. That did it, I cried like a baby all the way home then proceeded to eat half a bucket of Ben & Jerry's "Chunky Monkey" ice cream while sitting by the phone and staring at her Wally Bed and favorite blankee.:(

When I picked her up, she was a little groggy, but no worse for the wear. Took off the goofy e-collar ("Mommy, why did I grow a cone when I was asleep?") then popped her into a soft pink onesie. She was fine and her old self in no time, stitches came out 8 days later, and she is as happy and bouncy as ever!

Keep us posted on their homecoming!! :thmbsup:

14th August 2008, 09:06 PM
I'm sure they'll be fine I am the same when I have to leave mine in...Gus has to get his teeth cleaned soon and I'm dreading leaving him.

15th August 2008, 02:40 AM
Well I finally got by darling boys home. They were pretty groggy when I went to get them but not as bad as I expected. Albie is doing really great. Sleepy mainly and leaving the wounds alone. They used internal stitches which means they will dissolve which is great. Kipling on the other hand is having a much harder time. He went in and they pulled a baby tooth and cleaned his teeth in addition. Plus, when they brought him out they had noticed that he had been licking obsessively. His wound was very red and swollen. I was a little upset that they hadnt noticed his licking, but they gave us an ecollar which he doesnt like at all. When he has it on he wont even move. IT is pretty sad. Since we have been home we have really had to watch Kip. He will lick if we dont watch and he is so pathetic in the ecollar. All the advice on here said buy onesies which I did (12 months) but I think they are a little too small. Any other suggestions? Righ now they are really pulling on my heart strings. Albie had one accident and his poo was pretty mucusy. The vet said to call if he had diarreha(sp) but could it just be from the medications and anesthesia? I am hoping the redness and swelling goes down for Kip and Albie firms up his poo. Still a nervous wreck but happy to have them home!


Cathy T
15th August 2008, 02:47 AM
Awww...I could feel your pain in your first post. It's always so hard to drop them off for anything (done it more times than I'd like!!). But glad they are back home with you now. Keep an eye on Kip with the licking. If he licks he could cause an infection. Although mine hated the e-collar I knew it was for their own good and that it would eventually come off. When they were on my lap or when I had an eagle eye on them I'd take the collar off. They wore them for bedtime though for sure. Hope you guys have a decent night and everyone feel better tomorrow. :hug:

15th August 2008, 02:47 AM
I hope they are recovering well. It is so natural to be concerned.

Rocky and James
15th August 2008, 07:05 AM
o Rocky just went in for his desexing this morning and he will be home soon but i am worried.

15th August 2008, 02:40 PM
Thanks for all the kind words everyone. It was hard to go back to work today but the boys have their dad to watch over them. Albie is recooperating well, but it is so hard to see Kip in his ecollar. Kip is seeming to have a harder time with it all and he always wants to be on my lap(I am not complaining though)!

Good luck with your day today James, I am sure things will be fine even though they might be a little emotional!