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18th August 2008, 08:07 PM
:( I need everyone's help. I will be going on vacation for a week and will be leaving my 5 mo old with my sister to watch for the first time. :eek: I am just sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Harley is pretty attached to me and is used to me being there all the time except when I am at work. Do they have feelings like abondonment like humans do??? LOL I know that sounds stupid but I just feel like he will. I feel so guilty for even going. I actually dread this Saturday because I will be leaving for the beach!!! I never thought I would say that. LOL Dreading going to the beach and no work??? Nah, not me!! YES, ME!!! This isn't right. Any suggestions on how I can not feel so guilty and worry so much about him??? :confused:

18th August 2008, 08:10 PM
I know how you feel! I am leaving Sept 7th for Australia for 3 weeks and my boys will be with just my husband for that time. I know he will take great care of them but I am still reeling inside!

18th August 2008, 08:44 PM
I've no advice to offer just that I too suffer when I leave my dogs..I went to PARIS last year and was looking forward to coming home..mad or what.

BTW, when I arrived home they were glad to see me but no more than when I return from work!

18th August 2008, 10:43 PM
I brought my cavalier the last time I went on vacation because I couldn't bere to leave him behind! Of course, now that I have two this is more difficult. :o

I did go away for two days and leave Franklin with my roommate but I think I would die if it had to be longer. :xfngr: I don't have to travel without my babies any time soon!

Man, I am dreading just going to work on Wends (took two days vacation) and leaving my new baby girl for so long (even though I am coming home at lunch)!

19th August 2008, 12:11 AM
I am lucky cause when I go on holiday I take my two with me, it is dog friendly, but if I had to leave my two I'd worry over Jasper as he is very attached to us, not saying Gabby is'nt but she is more laid back so I wouldn't worry over her as much, (but I would miss them both equally), but you said Harley is staying with your sister so he'll be in good hands, I don't thing he'll feel abandond especially if he is used to your sister and its only for a week, have a lovely holiday :)
Think of all the kisses and cuddles he'll reward you with when you come back home.:)

19th August 2008, 02:26 AM
Stop fussing over him so much :p! As long as your sister is in total agreement to care for him the way you expect her to then go and have a great time!

Maisy is the same age as Harley. I've left her twice now with a woman who boards dogs in her home; once for 5 days and then again for another 2 days. There were other pups her age and she had a bawl! She had to get used to it and the intensity of the play which caused her some stress induced diarrhea but it cleared up. I think it's good for them to gain some independence. Scruff him up when you say goodbye and off you go to the beach!

19th August 2008, 04:09 AM
I know how you feel, but Harley will be just fine. He will be in familiar surroundings and probably loved and doted on by your sister, so not to worry. It is good for you to get a holiday away and rest and relax! You will enjoy him all the more when you return.

My husband and I recently took a mini trip for 4 days to the Colorado river and left our Dottie for the first time since we got her. My mom and dad (who call her their grand-dog, and ADORE her) came to stay while we were away. Parents and Dottie settled together with no problem. When we returned, she was excited to see us, but they said she was her happy, waggy, snuggle-bug self while we were away.

It is good for you, and good for Harley's socialization. Now pack your bags and enjoy your vacation! :thmbsup:

19th August 2008, 11:30 AM
I know, I know. I just need to go and have fun and not worry but that's hard to do. I guess here are a few reasons I worry. He was just neutered last Friday, which is totally fine now, Harley has only been there once to visit here as she lives an hour away, PLUS she has three boxers! Harley's big sister, dachshund, will be there with him but I still worry. My sis has agreed that they won't ever go out to play at the same time but it still kind of worries me. He's really timid but loves to play and knows no danger! I know she will take very good care of him but I just worry. I have talked to people that have taken their pets and had them boarded where they were going so they could go visit and I never even thought of that. I almost think that would be worse though because I wouldn't want to take him back at night cause he's my sleeping buddy. I would probably get thrown out of our condo for sneaking him in. :rolleyes: hmmmm, that's a thought. He doesn't really bark at all so I could just stuff him in a little bag and walk him right in. LOL I know, I have lost it!! :D Thanks for all your encouragement!! It's only Tuesday and I am a nervous wreck!! LOL

19th August 2008, 10:56 PM
Trust me, the way to a Cavalier's heart is through its stomach. They are devoted dogs, but they really aren't one-person dogs, even though it can seem like it. Your pup may be confused at first, but I bet by Day Two at your sister's he will have transferred all his little attachment routines (following, demanding to be nursed, waiting at the bathroom door...) to her. Especially if he already knows her and the house! So do go away and have fun. Your baby will be fine.
*says she who knows her own words are true but worries when away nonetheless