View Full Version : 5 Year old~Whitby & Scarborough dog rescue

18th August 2008, 10:15 PM
Jake is rehomed

Unfortunately Jakes owners died so he needs a new home - he is about 5 years old.He looks such a sweet heart

Cathy T
18th August 2008, 10:43 PM
I'm betting he won't be waiting long for a new home....what a cutie!

Daisy's Mom
19th August 2008, 01:59 PM
Oh my goodness is he ever cute?! I agree that someone will surely snap this little cutie up right away. :xfngr:

I always feel so sad for these guys (and their owners, of course), in this situation. When I was in college, I volunteered at a shelter and I always remember this little Yorkie who came in when her elderly owner died. She was scared to death, trembling, etc. I guess she bit someone somewhere along the line because she was in the "dangerous" dog section. She just broke my heart. They wouldn't let me go in and try to hold her, but I put a soft blanket in her kennel so she would be more comfortable and I sat outside the kennel and talked to her a long time.

You know she probably came from a very quiet home with just her owner ever around, probably never got to go out and suddenly she's pulled out into this very scary place next to scary dogs. She really broke my heart because 25 years later, I still remember her. I'm sure she was deemed unadoptable and was euthanized because so many other dogs were waiting for adoption. Poor little girl -- I hope she's with her owner now. OK, now I'm crying.