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20th August 2008, 10:05 AM
I bought my first cavalier just over a year ago, she's lovely. good natured and loving. I wouldn't swap her even if i could, but now i realise how naive I was. If only I had found this site first, having read the article on choosing a breeder i now realise that i bought my lovely Ruby from a puppy farm. ('cute pups', all the colours, pictured with children, etc.) They seemed nice on the phone, and i met another woman at the place who was buying her second so i thought i was safe enough. I did get her checked straight away by a vet (actually by two) and she was in good health. Last monday i was told that she has a problem with both her back knees and may need surgery. She has a hair in her eye two that might need an operation. I've grown so attached to her that i hate to see her in pain and it's heartbreaking. How can people be so irresponsible and cruel to breed dogs with no regard for their future or the pain they'll cause to the dogs owner in the years to come? Having read the article on last nights BBC program and the other possible health problems that are more likely to occur with dogs from puppy farms i can old hope that my lovely Ruby won't have anything else.

Cleo's Person
20th August 2008, 10:59 AM
Eimear, icon_welcome to the board. I'm sorry to hear that your lovely Ruby has health problems. You'll find this site to be a wonderful way to educate yourself about all the possible conditions which might effect her in the future, but more importantly I have found people here to be a wonderful support, and I'm sure you will too. :flwr: I would love to seee more photos of your Ruby if you have a chance to post them. Looking forward to getting you know you both better.

20th August 2008, 11:26 AM
Hi and welcome.
Please don't beat yourself up about this! Many of us took our chance in the "cavalier lottery" when we bought our first one.Needless to say we're very much older and wiser now and I'm sure you'll do your best to give your little girl a good and happy life.