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20th August 2008, 08:01 PM
:dogwlk: Hello!! Im new here. My name is kathy and I live in Alaska.
I am a long time owner of chesapeake Bay Retrievers and have had many other breeds over the years.

I began showing in the conformation and Obedience ring back in 1976 and showed my dogs extensively up until the last five years when I quit showing due to a divorce and financial crunch.

I enjoyed showing my dogs and did very well with them. However..its been a long time now and I have a neighbor who recently purchased a top quality female Cavalier puppy. She would like to show it or have it shown as that was part of the contract. This little Cav is a black and tan and she understands that the B/T's dont do as well in the ring as the other color patterns however this little dog is well built and I think will do well up here in Alaska.

My friend would like me to show her dog and I would love to do that however I am so used to the BIG dogs that I am unsure of how to work with this little whipper snapper. She is one live wire..and a cutie!! But being a cutie whirlwind on the end of a leash won't help in the ring! :)

So I have been searching for knowledgable folks who have been showing for a long time to get some helpful advice on how to go about working with her.

she is of course HIGH END ENERGY ... I was told by another breeder/competitor NOT to hand stack them.. to let them self stack.. this is so foriegn to me. I realize that self stacking is nice but at the same time I need to know what things to work with FIRST.

So anyone have advice could you email me privately and share with me anything you have to offer? Also if there are any video's on showing Cavs I would like to know this also. Thanks

Oh by the way ..she is about 4 months old now
respectfully, Kathy

20th August 2008, 08:18 PM
HI, there were some Westminster ring videos available online, I am sure you could locate them . I showed a LITTLE. In my experience, the best ones were the ones who taught the dogs to move their feet on cue to get them to line up nicely. There is also something called happy feet and some knock offs that are a good training tool . And some people use tuna cans! A lot of dogs just naturally stack themselves. A high energy puppy will not be severely penalized, especially in the Old Club shows. The judges rather get a kick out of them.

21st August 2008, 12:52 AM

This list is mainly pet owners, with an emphasis on health and just sharing concerns and triumphs. You will learn a lot about the breed here, but I suspect if you want conformation help, there are other Cavalier boards that would be better for you. I do not breed or show so I do not know where to send you, but I suspect there are others on this Board who could make some suggestions to you.