View Full Version : Diets and cows ears

20th August 2008, 08:57 PM
Dougal has acquired some love handles recently which we're trying to knock off him. Partly from being overly spoilt by granny while we were away at a wedding in France, and partly our own fault. Even though he always got exactly the same food as Tandie he seemed to be putting on a little weight coming up to the summer. He wasn't getting as much exercise recently either. Apart from his walk he and Tandie used to chase each other around and around the garden but she obviously hadn't been up for it lately.

Anyway... result is a slightly tubbier than usual Dougal! Any tips anyone? We're making sure he gets plenty of exercise, no treats (unless from his rations) and rationed food.

We were at the vets today and she suggested cows ears instead of pigs ears. Said they were healthier. They sure aren't half as greasy! Anybody know anything about them?

20th August 2008, 09:03 PM
My dogs love cows ears (also lambs ears), and yes, they are definitely less greasy! The pigs ears kind of gross me out! :grnyuk: