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Brian M
22nd August 2008, 04:12 PM

The insurance for my three girls is due next month so i thought i would do an online check with Petplan as last year i insured with Petpals at a cost of £21.50 each per dog per month making a total of £775.00 for the year ,the girls ages are Poppy 2 yrs 2 months ,Daisy 1 yr 7 months and Rosie 1 yr 2 months and after careful reading last year it seems that its only either of theses companies that offer a true lifetime cover that our beloved Cavs need .So upon enquiring i have been quoted as follows Petpals renew £22.50 each per month total £810.00 (no claims so far) for the year and Petplan £30.55 each per Cav per month £ 1100.00 for the year ,so it seems that Petplan prices have considerably increased since last year when they were similar , is this a knock on effect of the T V programme. Does anybody know of any other companies that offer a true life cover with a similar high level of benefit that these companies offer as for me now that i am more aware of what the future may hold ins is a must as our Cavs have to fully taken care of in sickness and in health so if i may have dithered over the cost it is now a definite necessity ,good job i dont smoke or drink anymore. Oh and one has a £75 excess and the other £80 and i think Ive been to the vets 6 or 7 over the last 12 months for one thing or another all thank goodness for minor problems but each visit ranges from £35 to £70 so thats a total of £400 on top and of course each visit is under the excess figure amount and thats excluding annual booster injections so are the insurance companies going to further penalize our dogs with larger excess and higher annual premiums.

22nd August 2008, 04:52 PM
Hi Brian

I have two Cavaliers. Rosie was two in June and Ebony is 18 month. I am insured with Marks & Spencers. When I first took out the policies there was an option that you pay about £2 more a month and have no excess, unfortunately this has changed now and the excess is £ 75. The only reason I went with Marks & Spencers is that they don’t just pay for one year they pay for the length of illness. So if your dog has diabetes and you would need drugs and treatment for the rest of the dogs life Marks & Spencers would pay for it. As they say you never know how good insurance is until you need to use it. I pay £17 for the first dog and £ 15 for the second. As more dogs you insure the cheaper it gets. I haven’t got any complains as I had to claim twice now and I had my money within 2 weeks.


22nd August 2008, 10:54 PM
I have both of mine insured with Direct Line for £30 a month for both, full life policies, (thank god) and an excess of £65

They will also send you up to three insurance claim forms at a time, and pay your vet direct ( great if you dont have that £500 just sitting around)

They seem to have lots of extras on the policy too.

Just an idea for another option. :)

22nd August 2008, 11:08 PM
We pay 18.00 euro each,Petplan Ireland,Allianz.I thought your quote was high.In sterling its about 14.oo.Vet fees are cheaper here.Just to say thats monthly.