View Full Version : advice please?

26th August 2008, 12:25 AM
i am fully aware that with my current medication my brain isnt working 100% AND that i am paranoid normally anyway.

the thing is, i am starting to wonder if the cute little quirks Peaches has might not be something more serious.
every time she scratches i am wondering, is she actually making contact with her claws or is it in the air (and i am never sure)
when she licks things is it her being a dog or her showing a bad sign?
she has never shown any sign of being in pain, not yelped or anything like that.

i wouldnt want to put her through any unecessary examinations but i want to know whats the best thing to do.
even when i read the science posts it doesnt fully go in as, like i said, my brain is a bit fuzzy atm due to my meds.

recently i have been thinking, just leave it as she is happy enough and is her usual self but the worrying has gotten to me.

help please?