View Full Version : Ollie's first trip to the vet!

2nd September 2008, 04:41 PM
Today I took my 8 week little baby to the vet to have his first vaccine. he was really brave and only wimpered for a minute then just wanted a cuddle and a nap :D

The vet said he was fine, just noticed a very slight murmur but he didnt seem too concerned.. he's going to check it again when we go back for the second jab in 2 weeks. he didnt have it at his vet check at the breeders 2 weeks ago so im hoping its more of a common puppy murmur and will hopefully go.. *fingers crossed*

He weighs 2.35kg (5.2lbs) which he said was good and he even got a goody bag to take home with a pretty big bag of food and a tin of puppy food. plus a few leaflets on training, insurance etc. so im really happy and everyone made such a fuss of him there im sure he'll be happy going back there soon! Of course, when we got back he made a little mess on the carpet... but i was told he would be drowsy so i'm letting him off on that one hehe!! he's fast asleep now with his tigger teddy :)

Laura xx

2nd September 2008, 11:52 PM
Aaah bless him :) Jessica had her first Jab yesterday and was the same afterwards, she's made up for it today by being a nutter running around everywhere and chewing anything chewable :D I hope Ollie's murmer is just a puppy thing too and clears up soon :)