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Brian M
4th September 2008, 03:12 PM

May I firstly ask all you Cavalier eggheads to excuse my ignorance but after devouring the many helpful posts that many people have made since that BBC programme and now being more fully aware of the necessity to ask all the questions required as per Karlins post of today , can i ask the most basic question of all " How or Where Do You Find A Reputable Breeder ?. "

When Dawn finally granted Luke and I permission to have a puppy we had a think and came up with the idea that we would explore three breeds ,Westies ,Pugs and Cavaliers ,the first after a bit of research was discounted due to possible skin problems and Pugs due to breathing so Cavaliers it was to be .My first port of call due to the urgency to obtain a pup ,as one does when its their first was the available puppy list that appears on the Kennel Club website and so it came to be that Poppy entered our lives ,so for our second pup and now being a Cavalier expert and looking at Crufts Cavalier success i approached a well known championship breeder and after a little wait so came Daisy .And when i persuaded Dawn once more to add a third it was again back to the Kennel Club list where we found Rosie in Yorkshire ,so being totally ignorant of where to look who to speak to and what questions to ask thats how my three girls came to me .

I know it has been posted many times that good breeders are there and to look in the usual places but to a new Cavalier devotee and also when i finally decide to add a fourth where do i go ,apart from one or two breeders that i now know appear on our forum do I look at.

1) Kennel Club breeders list
2) CKCSp Club members pages
3) Cavaliers .Co.Uk members adverts.
4) Dog magazine adverts / local paper

I know some if not all of above are a definite a no go and i understand the problems about recommendations via any public media IE forums but their must be somewhere that people could post a list of good health conscious genuine Cavalier breeders .So if I was a newbie again and had no knowledge of the existence of breed specific forums the question is Who do i contact and Where do i look to find them?.:confused:

Cathy Moon
5th September 2008, 01:53 AM
Brian, Karlin has just posted this helpful information. In my opinion, she has covered all the bases in this post :thmbsup::

5th September 2008, 03:44 AM
I suggest that you read "How to find a breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels" -- http://cavalierhealth.org/breeders.htm#HOW_TO_FIND Admittedly, it is geared to breeders in the United States, but the underlying principles are applicable anywhere.

Rod Russell
Orlando, Florida USA