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9th September 2008, 09:36 AM
i bring millie home in about 4 weeks, has any one get any tips/advice and what i should do or help her to settle in. at the moment her crate is in the living room ready, do you think for first few nights i should put in my bedroom incase she cries. this is my first cav & really excited for her to come home!!.
michelle x

9th September 2008, 12:15 PM
can i also ask do i start training straight away & what rewards would you recommend.

9th September 2008, 02:00 PM

Congratulaions on buying your first CKCS :jump:

I bought Jessica, my first CKCS, home a week ago. All she needs as a treat to start with is lots of "Good Girl" & hugs/fusses :D She will lap up the attention and will love to please you. I've bought some special puppy treats from PetsAtHome and only give her about 2 a day. She's quite happy to sit for her dinner/toys/fusses. She'll come when I call her 'cos I make a big fuss of her when she obeys.

If you want her to sleep downstairs then thats where you should put her from the start so as not to confuse her. Jessica didn't cry when I put her in her crate at first but she's starting to try it on. I check if she's ok then ignore her as she only wants attention.

All you need to do is give her lots of love and all will be fine :)

9th September 2008, 06:18 PM
hi joanne
thanks for your post it has really helped & your right about her crate i will leave it downstairs. im sooo excited to get her i think about her all the time!! is this normal!!.:jump:
i know its gonna be hard work but rewarding and im looking forward to training her, my only worry is that for about 2 hours 3 times a week she will be on her own as long as shes in her crate she will be ok wont she:neutral:
michelle xx

9th September 2008, 06:35 PM
I like that idea, more fuss less treats. Dylan will often sit on the back door step and won't come in unless I go to the treat cupboard.

I agree about the crate downstairs, you know Millie may cry at first in her crate but each time you go to her you will be teaching her that if she cries, you came running ;) Dylan is a pain to sleep with, like many Cavaliers, he snores! Is she used to a crate? If not, take it slow, put "crate training" into search on this site and see what comes up.

Dylan never cried in his crate until recently, he was 2 yesterday. I now let him sleep in the lounge not crated at night with no problems.

10th September 2008, 02:04 PM
It is perfectly normal to think about her all of the time, I did with Jessica! I wondered about everything :D

2 hours 3 times a week is fine. She will probably sleep the time away. I went out shopping for 3 hours this weekend and when I got back Jessica was still fast asleep in her crate! I don't think she even noticed I was gone! I put her water and food bowls in with her and several safe toys for her to play with if she's awake.

Jessica is very tiring with her energy but she is learning very, very quickly and it's more than worth it :D When I get up in the morning or come home from work/shopping etc she is so excited to see me and wants hugs and to play it makes it all worth while :lotsaluv:

10th September 2008, 02:44 PM
Hi mummy2millie :)

Mostly all commercial made treats have no goodness, are full of artificial colours and all animal bits and pieces (rubbish) go into making them ... ugh! they can aslo upset tiny tums. If you have to use them, only give a few at a time, and make it very small pieces.

Try soft and moist chopped up tiny pieces of lean breast chicken, low fat cheese, low fat and low salt sausage etc for treats, but remember what ever you give as treats it is part of their daily food allowance...slightly reduce main meals to make the difference as we don't want fat over fed pups, which can lead to fat and overweight adults...not good!

Start traing from day 1, find a nice training class in the area if this is your first dog, you will meet lots of other owners, you will socialise puppy nicely and be able to pick up lots of interesting advice on owning and training a dog.

If you don't want your dog upstairs then don't encourage it from the start, stairs will be out of bounds for a while as pups are small, a fall will be dangerous. You can crate train if you want, this can be good especially if you visit others and take your dog with you.

Praise and encouragement will bring rewards, have lots of patience and love to give and you will be fine, ENJOY!