View Full Version : Eating other dogs poo - whats that about?

11th September 2008, 11:37 AM
I came back from honeymoon & my parents were looking after the pups in our house & Mum told me Sparky has taken to eating Cassie's poop. I didn't believe her till I saw him do it last night!

He didn't touch his own but went for Cassie's that was about an hour or so old - why would he do that?

I used to use pineapple juice on my parents retriever who used to poop & then eat his own (nice!!) but Cass isn't the easiest of dogs to give things like that to - or whould it be something Sparky is lacking in causing him to do this?

He's also began bonking her (don't know whats been going on in my house since I was away!!!!) so is being booked in for the chop pretty soon! I'm just wondering if all this behaviour could be connected?

11th September 2008, 12:42 PM
You can break the habit by picking it up as soon as it hits the ground! How old is Sparky? It could be his hormones or telling her whose boss. he just needs to be corrected by her or you :thmbsup:

11th September 2008, 09:34 PM
oh boy, the joy. Pixie used to eat poop. First it was her own. Pineapple didn't work, so I bought those potty mouth pills. this ended her poop eating, but then she went to eating my other dogs' poop. she'd only eat it if it was fresh :*gh: I have a big back yard, and with 4 dogs in and out, it was impossible to pick it up immediately, especially since she had a doggie door and could let herself out when she wanted. When I got her, I suspected it was her poor nutritional situation that started it, but then when she kept doing it even after she was in good health, parasite free and on excellent food and supplements, I figured she just liked poop and was in the habit. I couldn't afford to give all the dogs potty mouth pills (a box of 120 is like 10 or 15 dollars and you give one pill per 10 lbs of dog. I'd be using 23 pills a day!). It was a constant battle, and frustrating. She'd watch for the "poop walk" that the other dogs would do, and dash over like she was about to get the best treat ever. I'd hollar for her to "leave it alone", but I had to beat her to it, or it would be too late. :neutral: I never did fix that problem and she was 11 months old when she died.

I'd say with a couple of small dogs, the potty mouth pills might be a good way to go. I don't think it is always a nutritional thing, though I know it surely can be. Sometimes I think they just like poop. :confused:

Good luck.

12th September 2008, 10:43 AM
I thought about diet but they're both on a very good diet - Naturediet, so I think it maybe his hormones perhaps?

I have him booked to be neutered 26th Sept.

12th September 2008, 10:47 AM
my dog bax did this he would eat his own poo and any other poo in the area, what i did was clean it up straight away and he got over it pretty much after he was neuteured!

12th September 2008, 11:27 AM
Well fingers crossed for the Sparkster then!!!

12th September 2008, 01:07 PM
Millie does this too when we are out for walks. She will never touch any poops from Chloe or Rex, its only ones that have been left on the streets and parks by other dogs where we walk them that she seems partial to :yuk:.
I find that all I can do is just get her away from them as soon as I see her go in for a mouthful :grnyuk:

12th September 2008, 01:34 PM
Lucy also does this, she only seems to eat Prince's poop though!! I am afraid even if you get Sparky neutered he will still be trying to bonk her, Prince is neutered and he still mounts poor little Lucy, I cant understand why, it seems to be if she gets excited he chases her aroung and tries it!