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13th September 2008, 06:07 PM
Hi all,

I feed Canidae dog food mostly, with some "real" food several times a week (raw deer meat, etc) as part of the diet.

Canidae just recently offered a new version of their All Life Stages Dry. I am not sure if it would be a better choice than their traditional All Life Stages Dry. The new version has NO grains at all.

Here is the information page for the version I normally feed:


Here is the new, non-grain formula:


If some of you who are better versed on dog nutrition would take a look at these and weigh in with your thoughts, I'd appreciate it.


13th September 2008, 09:01 PM
in light of the new pet food recall, I am glad I am feeding something unaffected by it!

15th September 2008, 10:43 PM
hey guys, sorry to reply to my own message, but I wanted to bump this up and see if anyone had any opinions. I am getting ready to order another months supply of food, and wondering which seemed better.

16th September 2008, 12:09 AM
I'm probably not of any help, but they both look good to me ;) They both have good meat sources as their primary ingredients...to me it just looks like the original formula has grains and the new one doesn't. Does anyone else notice a big difference?

Is there a reason you want to avoid grains? I'm by no means a dog food expert, but I'm not anti-grain for my boys, they get barley flakes and oat bran every day....I almost always take the advice of my breeder, and her dogs eat grains and she has several "oldies", around 14-15 years old...Her oldest just died at over 16 years old last year, so I trust her judgement and advice...but it's a personal choice and everyone has a different opinion :)

Cathy Moon
16th September 2008, 02:24 AM
They both look good to me. The one with no grain has potatoes as the starch instead of rice, and higher protein.

Just an idea - why don't you try alternating the two foods for a few months and see how they do?

I currently have four small bags of different kibbles in my cupboard that I've been mixing and matching for variety, plus 2 different frozen raw foods in my freezer. I'm finding my three do well with variation in their diets, as long as I am careful what I feed to two of them (allergic to chicken and sensitive to certain grains, potatoes.)

16th September 2008, 03:30 AM
I am honestly highly cautious of Canidae ~ according to the lady at my dog food store a lot of pets have had trouble since they switched their formulas :( :( She said she's had numerous complaints of dogs getting sick and returns on this product.

Canidae recently switched to a different manufacturer ~ Diamond pet foods who also manufacture several other different brands of pet food :( I know they recalled quite a few different foods during the recall. I might sound crazy, but after feeding Faith recalled food for 9 weeks (she was just a puppy) I am extremely careful with the pet food I choose now (regarding how many manufacturing facilities they have, what other brands are manufactured, where the ingredients come from, etc).

I did a quick google search and came up on Consumer reports of Canidae .. lots of information here from regular consumers like you and I. I found the comments to be very informative and interesting:


This is just one example, but if you research it, there are TONS of discussions regarding not only canidae switching to Diamond, but also lots of dogs getting sick on the new formula.

Good luck and I just thought this information may be of interest to you :flwr:

Mom of Jato
16th September 2008, 04:55 AM
Yep, Yep - Jato got really sick on Canidae when they switched the recipe. I have him on Wellness 5 Lamb now, and he is doing great!

16th September 2008, 05:53 AM
Aw, crap. I didn't realize they had changed formulas. Last time I made an order of food was in mid-July. I buy in bulk from Petfooddirect.com. Everything I have is the old formula. I have one 40 lb. bag of the old formula left (which, with my big dogs will last about 10-11 days)

After reading about the problems with the new formula, I will have to quickly get something else and transition with the last bag I have of the Canidae old formula stuff. It took me forever to find a food that my malamute mix didn't have terrible skin allergy problems on. She still has some issues, but at a MUCH lower incidence than in the past. My dogs have done awesome on it for about 18 months.

Thanks for the replies and the heads-up. I was just getting ready to place another large order...but now I will be going to my local shop to buy a smaller bag of something to try out first.