View Full Version : Kennel Club complaint to Ofcom

Jan Bell
17th September 2008, 08:54 AM
You would think by now that the Kennel Club would start to realise that it was time to start reconsidering their position. Indeed, I thought that they might be after the recent statement they made.

But no - I have just heard that they have put in a formal complaint to Ofcom about the programme Pedigree Dogs Exposed.

With the Chief vet of the RSPCA and the Dogs Trust, plus the researchers and geneticists supporting this cause, they still think that the Kennel Club was unfairly criticised.

On the plus side, Ofcom is a very neutral body and not there to make judgements on an emotional basis or public opinion (as far as I understand), but on the facts of the matter, so I doubt if they will find much to criticise.

:sl*p: It's just disappointing that the Kennel Club are still trying to deflect the real issue of suffering dogs as if it doesn't exist and doesn't matter


17th September 2008, 09:55 AM
Yes it is a risky tactic and will be very damaging for them if the complaint is rejected and a panel of scientists that has been assembled to consider evidence agrees with the premise of the documentary -- which is basic science, and well understood by anyone with basic genetics.

If that happens it begins to put pressure on the UK government to legislate in this area.