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17th September 2008, 11:12 AM
Just looking for ideas here.

Since we got back from honeymoon Cass (my Jack Russell) itches constantly, theres never anything there where she's itching (mainly round her neck & chest/belly).

Last night I washed their bedding (put a bit of dettol in it in case).

They've not had any differant food or treats & ive checked them for fleas & theres no sign on either of them. I thought maybe Cass was stressed coz we were away (even though my parents stayed in the house with them) but it's not calming down at all.

I don't usualy de-flea them as I hate all the chemicals in the treatments but I bath them in pennyroyal shampoo & havent seen a flea since Cass moved to Ireland & ive never seen a flea on Sparky.

I don't have carpets by the way.

Any ideas?

17th September 2008, 12:04 PM
You need to see the vet. There are lots of things not easy to see that can cause itching. Could be rabbit mites, allergic reactions, dermatitis, etc.