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18th September 2008, 02:14 PM
Since I'm new I thought id tell everyone my story of how I got my new pup! I hope this is the right place for it :confused:

I picked out my puppy when she was only one week old! My Granny's dog Lady had just had a litter of seven pups-4 boys and 3 girls. I always remembered which one she was because she was the smallest of the girls and had a little spot on her head. I used to visit her almost every day and when she was just three weeks old it was like she could recognize me! Nobody else in the family could understand how I could tell the seven pups apart but they didn't understand that all cavaliers are totally different!
When the puppies where only 4 weeks old,one of the builders from next door left the gate open and their mom did a runner (obviously stressed from having to put up with seven babies!) she took off like a bat out of hell and nobody could catch her. By the time we'd gotten in the car to follow her up the road she had totally disappeared! Of course then there was total panic. We had seven sleeping puppies that could barely open their eyes and were going to wake up for a feed in around an hour and a dog that could have gone either into the town or to one of the many estates that were around. :eek:...Luckily my brain was working that day and I ran inside and quickly made a poster with a picture of Lady,saying to please look out for her as she has just had puppies and needs to be returned immediately! Relations were sent out everywhere to put up the posters while I jogged to the vet and bought puppy feed and syringes. An hour later there was still no calls so I had to hand feed every single puppy,every few hours,all through the night! Having seven babies at once is not an easy task! Luckily the next morning we got a call from a man who'd seen the poster and a few hours later Lady was reunited with her babies. She looked quite sheepish! Now I have my happy and healthy little Scarlett who is named after a cavalier I had when I was very young,they look just like each other! She still enjoys visits to see her mom and hopefully she cant remember the traumatic time when she was abandoned!:o

18th September 2008, 09:31 PM
Thats a lovely story glad it all worked out in the end. Poor stressed mum!

18th September 2008, 10:59 PM
Lucky that you got her back, poor thing :)