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24th September 2008, 01:21 AM
I always look at the available dogs on Lucky Star and there are several that have been listed for MONTHS (many months!)??? What is the reason these particular dogs have not been adopted? I would imagine there are hundreds if not thousands of potential adopters. .

I'm just wondering out loud, to those of you in rescue, help me understand!

24th September 2008, 02:30 AM
Yes, I check the site often too and there is no update on some dogs for many months-Jada,for example. Though these may be special needs dogs,i.e. sight impaired, I would have thought they would be snapped up long ago anyway. What is the reason?

25th September 2008, 07:40 PM
I can't answer on behalf of LS. But I can offer some thoughts on the issue. For any adoption to be successful, it has to meet the needs of the individual dog as well as the adopting family. Some dogs have very special needs to help them blossom into the dog they were born to be.

Many people who may turn to rescue for their next pet only want a young, healthy, pretty, trained dog and do not realize the love and patience that might be required by a rescue. Unfortunately, also, many people don't look past a dog's age or physical limitations and see the love that the dog has to give. Older dogs are wonderful and give so much back for so little input. But many people just skip over older dogs or ones with medical conditions.

So please think about adopting an older dog who really needs a home of their own. In the meantime, the dogs are safe in a loving foster home while they wait for the right fit of a forever home. I love the old timers who like me just want a hug and a warm bed and someone to love in their golden years. If you can't adopt one, I hope you will think about a small donation to help with their medical needs.

25th September 2008, 11:32 PM
I've had several dogs remain in foster for months as well. There can be many reasons but slightly older dogs or dogs with health issues get overlooked all the time, as do dogs that are not housetrained. In some situations I understand the reluctance to take on a given dog but it is sad how many just want a pup or young dog and clearly want to put little time or effort into dog ownership (I mean I have some beautiful dogs and some great personalities that are not housetrained! I will have four dogs seeking homesthat ALL are unhousetrained dogs but these are lovely cavaliers). I tell anyone looking for young dogs that they are better talking to a good breeder and I can often tell they only want to 'help a rescue' because they think it is a cheap way of getting a dog. :(

Among my most rewarding companions are my older and special needs cats and dogs and rescues so I wish more people would consider these great options. :)

With Lucky Star I know that geography plays a big part as well -- it is hard for them to move a dog any great distance so they may not have had a good applicant that is in the region the dog is in.

26th September 2008, 08:40 PM
Karlin's so right. And it's funny about housetraining. Most people want a very young puppy and they can be so hard to housetrain. Most of the older dogs train very quickly once they are in a home and put on a schedule. Please consider an older dog. You will not be sorry.

26th September 2008, 09:44 PM
I have 4 rescues and only one taken in as a puppy (by my dtr.) My Golden,age 3 at rescue, never had a house accident, Freckles,age 3 at rescue, even tho' petrified of people, never looked back after 3 weeks and Annie, age 6 at rescue, had a few accidents but did great in 4 weeks. Freckles and Annie have never pottied in the house since initial training. How great is that :D Freckles marked 1 time but that was really a LOL occasion. Older dogs are terrific to rescue.

29th September 2008, 11:58 PM
you must be a great consistent pet mom!