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30th September 2008, 07:51 PM
It looks like my poor little Aston might have a patella problem. Last night I came home and we were walking from one room to the next and he literally fell down and started screaming. Luckily, the vet stays open until 10pm so I scooped him up and get him over there for a work-in appointment. Thankfully the doctor saw us within 15 minutes and was able to pop whatever came out back into place.

After examining him her said that both knee caps were loose, one more than the other and he said he would feel better if we saw an orthopedic specialist. He sent us home with some anti-inflammatories and faxed the paperwork to the specialist. I called this morning and they are able to get us in at 8am tomorrow which is great. I feel so bad for him as he is such a little love bug and only 2.5 years. Hopefully the specialist will have good news, but I am fully prepared for him to say we need to go ahead with surgery.

Fingers crossed for a positive report!

1st October 2008, 10:25 AM
Sorry to hear about that; sounds like the right move to see a specialist. Good luck and let us know what is said! :xfngr:

1st October 2008, 10:31 AM
Sorry to hear about Aston. Hope all goes well with the specialist :xfngr:

Jan Bell
1st October 2008, 10:36 AM
Sorry to hear this, but hopefully it can be sorted out. It's so hard to see them in distress, but at least by acting quickly you were able to help Aston. Good luck withthe specialist and let us know what happens.

1st October 2008, 10:58 AM
Now that's fast action! I hope this all gets sorted out as quickly. It must be very worrying for you. :hug: How is Aston walking today, is he still a bit sore?

1st October 2008, 08:33 PM
Well, we have good news and bad news from the specialist. First, it was not his knee cap that popped out the other night, but rather his hip. BUT, he does have a grade 2-3 luxation on his left knee, so we apparently found that out by accident!

He checked his hips and said that he thinks this could be a case of him just stepping the wrong way leading to it popping out of place. He did all kinds of bending and twisting and Aston never made a peep and he has been gung ho since we got home. He advised waiting a month, seeing if it happens again and at what frequency and then coming back in for a visit. He said surgery is an option and is almost 80% successful, but he wants to wait and see for a bit with close monitoring. No more jumping on the couch and running around like a crazy person for now.

The specialist was extremely nice and my vet called about 30 minutes after we left to tell me he had already spoken with the specialist and they agree that monitoring him for 30 days is the way to go. Fingers crossed we don't have anymore episodes, but if we do, we are to head right back to the orthopedic. Thanks for all your thoughts!