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1st October 2008, 04:46 PM
HI All
I have my 2yr old adult cavalier in a sensible harness.I walk her round parks with water in them and when she is off leash she goes in the water.
I have found her harness stretches when wet which is really annoying.The worst part is the the strap that you attach the leash to undernesth her chin. That bit is at the lowest setting so i cannot tighten it.I usually keep it on her as its a nightmare getting it on her in the 1st place.....she has soooo much hair its hard to get the clip done without catching her fur in it.It also happens when we are walking in the rain(but not as bad).....she loves water so rain doesnt put her off.
Just wondered if anyone had any ideas on how to prevent it from stretching.Also the stitching is beginning to fray.....has anyone had any problems like this????


1st October 2008, 10:17 PM
It sounds like you got the wrong size -- too small? Also I think maybe you are putting it on incorrectly -- I am guessing you mean the chest strap when you say 'the bit under the chin' as there isn't a bit that goes up that high -- but the clasp isn't on that part, it is behind the legs. Are you closing it on the chest? If so you are putting the harness on backwards.

How tight is it fitting if it is really hard to get on? It should actually be loose on the chest strap. I can't imagine a small amount of expansion when wet would make any difference -- it isn't supposed to fit really tightly to start with across the chest. Mine swim in theirs all the time and it makes no difference to the size that I can see.

The tag on the harness should be over the head and on the right shoulder, and the clip should be under the left armpit, if you are in front of your dog. It should fit loosely:

A common incorrect fit is a tight chest (front) strap. Unlike other harnesses, the Front-Connection™ requires the chest strap to be fit on the loose side to allow for front leg movement. Over the past 5 years, we have found dogs will chew the chest strap when it is adjusted too tight. A tight strap does not allow enough comfort room to walk, sit, and lie down.


Instruction brochure:


PS Is she perhaps chewing the harness as it sounds so tight? I've had two sense-ible harnesses for several years, used 4 times daily for walks of 20 minutes each time, also worn for swimming and running in the park, and though they are a bit worn they are not fraying at all. They get a LOT of activity!