View Full Version : Once again: profile messages are NOT PRIVATE!

3rd October 2008, 01:16 PM
As some keep posting public profile messages to people's PUBLIC profiles when they clearly mean to send a PM (private message to the individual) or post a thread, I just want to remind users that:

1) to make a post to the board that people will all see, use the 'new thread' button at the top of the appropriate forum if you are starting a thread, or hit the 'reply' button on the thread to add your comment.

2) to send a private message (PM), either go into your user CP, or the 'Your notifications' section to your PM section and do it from there. OR, click on a user's name in a thread to get a menu and pick 'send a PRIVATE MESSAGE to {user}. DO NOT SELECT 'VIEW PUBLIC PROFILE' AND POST A MESSAGE TO THEIR PUBLIC PROFILE WHICH EVERYONE ON THE BOARD CAN SEE!!!

3) If you want to post a PUBLIC comment on someone's public profile page, then choose 'View public profile' on the dropdown menu as above and add your PUBLIC comment.

People can go view their public profiles to see what I mean -- you have a space just like you'd have on Facebook for example to post PUBLIC comments on every profile. This is not the same as a PRIVATE message.