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Brian M
3rd October 2008, 03:36 PM

When its the girls meal time i feed them in the front lounge where standing in one corner is a huge 50" Pioneer flat screen TV and every time Poppy is in the heads down its feeding time mode she seems to pop her head up every 10 secs to see if theres any animals or similar (even Basil Brush causes offense) on the telly and if there is she charges the telly barking away to chase off all these invaders . But she now has also developed a musical ear and recognizes certain songs that accompany the adverts that have dogs in ,so now she knows the animal adverts just by the tunes before they even appear on the telly so she is ready to bark and charge before they are visible . Have many other of our Cavaliers have developed a musical ear ,and by the way i am not a great TV fan.:confused:

Cleo's Person
3rd October 2008, 04:04 PM
When we first got Cleo I was working mostly from home. As I had never seen the West Wing, but Mark is a huge fan and the final season was about to start, I watched the a West Wing episode every lunch time. Cleo quickly learned that the theme tune meant we were on the sofa for 40 minutes and used to curl up on my lap. Now two years later, eben though I haven't watched it in some time, if she hears the music, she jumps onto the sofa and gets ready for a long snuggle!

3rd October 2008, 04:32 PM
Brian I have a young Cavalier called Libby, she is only four months old and normally has no interest in the TV - (no interest in anything unless it cuddles her, can be eaten by her or she can rip it up!!!) until last week when that new show was on Living the Underdog Show - it was on again yesterday and I purposely put it on to see what reaction she had (and to show my husband how cute she was perched on the side of the TV glued to the TV) and again up she got on the arm of the couch and was absolutely mesmorised by it, think I might have to tune in every Monday now just to see if she recognises the programmes from the music!!!

3rd October 2008, 05:18 PM
My eldest Sheltie Rosie seems to round the family up when the music for Coronation St comes on....she heads around the house to let us know it is starting, she is on a mission with her tail high and eyes bright!
It must go back to when the kids were smaller and it was that time of the evening when we would gather in the lounge for a drink and a chat together before we settled for the evening to watch a bit of TV, ....she would follow me up the stairs to find the family etc.

...so the kids have grown, the evening routine has changed but she still enjoys the challenge of finding anyone to sit with her! Obviously she assosciates the title music with our family time together ... Daft old dog :)


3rd October 2008, 08:05 PM
My eldest son used to play a cd when he lived here and one of the songs on it had an intro and then a dog barking.
After a while,Gus started to bark when he heard the intro. My son doesn't live here now, only some weekends and a while back after ages he decided to see if Gus remembered,so he put the cd on and sure enough..Gus started barking.

That was a good while back..I must try it again next time my son is here and see if Gus remembers!

6th October 2008, 01:46 AM
Our 14 month old Blenheim, Copper, has been a fan of the US country duo, Sugarland, for a while now - but if he's crazed and needs calming we only need to start their song "Stay" (no pun intended!) and he not only calms down but goes straight to sleep. It works everytime - even in the car.

He's also very aware of all animals on the tv - whether they make their sounds or not!

cavtiny Brian & Angela