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4th October 2008, 05:43 PM
TRPD are having regular auctions - the current one is here


there are photos of some of the items in that thread, other photos are here


The items are really good quality at very good prices.

About T.R.P.D. Pet Craft project

The original Pet Craft Project came into being because members of a small, local community craft group who owned dogs began making their own dog coats and other equipment in order to get the quality and styles they wanted for themselves. Coats to fit greyhounds, lurchers, and whippets especially are not readily available in pet stores and certainly not in a wide range of sizes and fabrics or at a reasonable price.

After members found themselves frequently stopped in the street, or on walks with their dogs, and asked where they bought their dogs' clothing, they decided to start making items to order, and as a means to enable the group to donate additional items to benefit dogs in the care of rescue organisations.

Initially members sold the items they made at local dog shows, events, and car boot sales. These proved extremely popular, enabling the members (most of whom are older people, retired or with disabilities) to utilise their skills, and the benefits of having something useful and worthwhile to do were soon felt by the members. Indeed, it is very rewarding to be able to contribute to worthwhile causes close to their hearts.

In no time people with dogs were approaching the group's members to ask for special designs and made to measure items, as were some rescue organisations with dogs that had specific injury or operation sites. This led to the creation of additional designs - even some to supporters own specifications and drawings.

Gradually the effects of long-term ill health reduced the original project's membership to just four people, and travelling to shows or car boot sales became too difficult. They then decided to create a website and open a forum for anyone who wished to support animals in the care of rescues. Aiming to encourage others to form similar rescue support groups and to share patterns, designs and ideas, as well as other resources in order to aid more animals, especially dogs, that are in the care of rescue organisations within the UK and Ireland.