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7th October 2008, 12:48 PM
Hi, I have been enjoying this site for a few months now and haven't really posted because I'm not very computer savvy and thought I would wait until I had some time to try to download a photo etc..
We got our first Cavalier in July--- a little tricolor male we named Dexter from a breeder in northern Minnesota. When we went to look at the litter he was playful, outgoing and gentle and we were encouraged by the breeder that he would be perfect. The puppies were 5 months old at the time and that should have been the first red flag, as they were not properly socialized to human contact. They seemed very well adjusted at their home though and It wasn't until be got him home we noticed the timid nature of this sweet little guy. I am a certified vet tech and really thought I was choosing the right puppy. I did all the tests--- letting him come to us, not choosing the most lively, but also not choosing the shyest. I checked his eyes,ears, hygiene, temperament, vax record, heart certification and off we went. Anyway, we brought him home, gave him a ton of love and he is slowly coming around but really only lets me pick him up. I've got him in his second round of obedience classes and he does great there with the other dogs and is happy to take treats from human hands but will not let anyone pet him. I take him to work with me for the contact, and am trying my hardest to expose him as much as I can to every new situation--- I think he will come around eventually. Anyway, I will keep you posted! Thanks for this great site! I'm enjoying reading all of your posts.
I will try to attempt to post a photo next! Liz

7th October 2008, 10:50 PM
icon_welcomeLiz & Dexter

8th October 2008, 12:10 AM
Hi and welcome....hang in there. My Dixie was timid at first too. We started obedience classes, then agility classes, took her on walks, to the dog park, pet store, relatives houses etc. It took a while, but it all worked. She is not the same dog. She now approches people and is very friendly. It sounds like you are on the right track. Keep going to those classes, it builds confidnece in them as well as socializing them. Good Luck, I am sure Dexter will come around. He just needs confidence. Judy

Jan Bell
8th October 2008, 11:03 AM
Welcome to the board! It sounds like Dexter has a good owner who will help him gradually build confidence. Let us know how he gets on.

Best wishes,

8th October 2008, 11:46 AM
icon_welcome Liz & Dexter. Looking forward to seeing lots of photos :snap::snap:

8th October 2008, 04:52 PM
Welcome! I´d loooove to see some pix of Dexter:snap:

8th October 2008, 05:10 PM

Elaine 2
8th October 2008, 08:32 PM
icon_welcomeHi Liz and Dexter, a warm welcome to you both