View Full Version : QUICK - Pedigree Dogs Exposed back on You Tube!!!!!

Cathy Moon
13th October 2008, 12:59 AM
For those of you who missed it, Pedigree Dogs Exposed, Parts 1 through 6, is back on you tube. If you want to watch it, be quick.

Here is the link:

13th October 2008, 04:40 AM
On a USA based all dog general forum on the PDE topic these links to AOL Video were recently posted, have a looksee if you want.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.

Part 5.

Part 6.

13th October 2008, 07:01 AM
Thanks Cathiemoon for posting this link. I just watched the videos and I am physically ill from listening to these ignorant breeders and show dog owners talk about "culling" the puppies that are not born up to "breed standard.":bang: It breaks my heart that Cavaliers have to suffer because the breeders are not concerned with anything but the money. I have a beautiful 10 month old baby girl cavi that I watch with fear everyday that she will show a sign of SM or MVD. I pray she is one of the lucky ones, but I know statistically its not likely that we will escape any genetic issues. I pray that change will come soon to help this wonderful breed to become healthier and live longer, and end the pain these sweet babies are having to go through. :mad:

Cathy Moon
13th October 2008, 12:04 PM
Mellie, in regards to your cavalier puppy, please try not to let anything get in the way of enjoying her fully. :lotsaluv: Watch how she lives in the moment - what a wonderful approach to life! - and just let yourself be in the moment with her! :lotsaluv:

13th October 2008, 09:31 PM
Wow, I just watched the videos, that was really sad. It a shame the way the Cavalier breeders were acting. :mad: What an interesting documentary, thank you for posting the link.

THANK YOU Margaret and Carol for standing up to the unethical breeders and Kennel Club and for fighting for our wonderful breed! cl*pcl*p