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13th October 2008, 09:00 PM
I'm Deb - we have Mindy a 10 year old tri Cavalier and will be soon getting a new Cav pup. Our 11 year old Golden Retriever died last month and Mindy misses him quite a bit. I'm hoping the pup will cheer her up (not to mention us). We got Mindy at eight months from her breeder when it became apparent to her that Mindy wasn't show quality and she has been a joy for the last ten years. Ever since we got her I wanted a Cav pup but at that time with two dogs and two young kids it wasn't an option. Now we are empty nesters and our big guy has gone we are looking forward to .

13th October 2008, 11:00 PM

13th October 2008, 11:03 PM
Hi and welcome.