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13th October 2008, 09:20 PM
Hi there.......
We have a 9 year old KCCS Blenheim Bitch :dogwlk:. Her Name is Saffron (AKA Doogle Dog and Miss Piggy), she is a rescue dog and we adopted her in April 06. Her original owner changed Jobs and we where lucky enough to have her.

She's adorable and although she can be quite a little madam on times we cant imagine life without her. When we had her she weighed a colossal 21Kgs! argh. She is now a much healthier 16kg (with much protest from a hungry Saffy) but still needs to loose a little more. She is quite a big Cavy and is quite broad across her shoulders. So shes never going to be the "twiggy" of CKCS but I guess her ideal would be about 14kgs. Not long after we had her she needed an operation to remove a cyst from the inside of her eyelid and then about a year later one of her molars had cracked and had to have it removed. Detect by bad breath! She also has dry eye syndrome and has Optimmune twice a day. She also has Metecam for a joint pains.

I came across this forum from the CKC Group on Facebook. Saffy has been to the vet today for a repeat checkup today and whilst we already knew of a mild murmur - we where told today theta it is now a grade 5 murmur. The vet has prescribed Vetmedin and frusemide.

She also has mild SM - she scratches her side when excited. SAffrons favourite things are Eating, Sleeping and Walkies (when its not raining!!!)


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13th October 2008, 10:15 PM
icon_welcome Hi and welcome

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Hi and welcome.