View Full Version : Vet choice

15th October 2008, 08:49 PM
After much thought we changed vets a few months ago because at the clinic we went to (large, multi-vet) we always ended up getting the vet who really had a somewhat poor bedside manner. Even though it is so close, and some of the other vets are great, we made the decision to switch to a clinic we used when we lived in another area. The first visit went well, and despite it being a single vet clinic which made me a little nervous, she was as thorough and very nice as we remembered. Now we've had to call due to a few episodes of diarrhea and because Jasper previously had an intestinal parasite (1 year ago), that cropped into my mind. The new vet's tech said that isn't always the cause of diarrhea, and we should do other measures (bland diet, 1/2 the amount, etc.) for a few days before coming in with a stool sample. I know the other vet would have said to bring in a sample right away. So now I'm second guessing our choice for a vet based on this and am kind of driving myself crazy thinking perhaps the one vet out of 5 is not a reason to switch.