View Full Version : Sleep Walking??

17th October 2008, 07:31 PM
Does anyone know if dogs can sleepwalk?

We had to go downstairs in the middle of the night as the fire alarm battery was beeping, Heidi heard us moving about and was barking so I went into the kitchen to give them a biscuit and put them back to bed.

Heidis tail was wagging and she thought it was time to get up but Chloe just stood there eyes wide open gazing at me. I called her to me and she wobbled from side to side she then bumped into the side of the pen and the table, she circled the room in a daze still staring and her mouth would not open to let her take a biscuit. I put her back in her basket and she just lay there, head dropped and then her eyes closed. I checked on her every few minutes and she was fast asleep.

This morning she was right as rain eating, drinking and running about like a nutter!

Can dogs sleep walk or could it be something else? It was so strange dont know what else it could be, any ideas?