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18th October 2008, 11:07 AM

I am relatively new here. I bought my cavalier naively from a "back yard breeder". I did do a fair bit of reading around the breed and how to go about buying a cavalier, but obviously not enough. I have learned A LOT since getting her and if i could got back and change how i went about it, i would. Thats not to say that i would ever change Daisy.

Daisy, my blenheim cav is pretty small for her breed. She has not developed a long coat as yet, and her ears are still pretty short. She is just over a year old and i was wondering if anyone else has a similar looking cav/similar experiences. Will these things grow or is it likely now that they will stay this way. I am not that bothered to be honest, but would like to know what to expect. Her mum had a long coat with long ears.



22nd October 2008, 02:20 AM
My blenheim Sasha is just over two years old. At one year old, her coat was still on the short side, and rather thin. Somewhere around a year and a half, it starting really growing in, and by two months ago, I actually asked the groomer to trim her ears as they were too long (getting in the food too much, too hard to brush, etc).

So, bottom line is, there was a huge difference between Sasha at one year and Sasha now at two years!

22nd October 2008, 03:57 PM
Maybe if you post a photo of your girl it will be easier for people to reassure you? My ruby girl's coat took a long time to come through and it's still very thin in comparison to my BT's.

Brian M
22nd October 2008, 04:03 PM
And wellcome especially from my Daisy


Best Wishes

Daisy ,Poppy and Rosie

Jan Bell
22nd October 2008, 04:48 PM

I doubt if there is anything to worry about - Rufus fur was quite light until about 18 months when it started to grow really thickly. He now moults for England and leaves chunks of thick black fur in his wake!

As for ears, Rufus now has quite long ears, whereas Toby's are naturally a bit shorter (he doesn't moult as much either). Rufus didn't get the longer ears until 18 months or so.

I've learned a lot on this board and would know what to ask when I get another Cavalier. But once you have them there is no looking back so just love Daisy to bits and don't worry about things that haven't happened.

Best wishes,

22nd October 2008, 08:25 PM

Thanks for your replies. We changed her food recently to Royal Canin, and she is definately fluffing out. Quite reassured. I will post photo for you to look at. I do love her to bits, and to be honest not that bothered about how she looks, but interesting to know what to expect.



23rd October 2008, 02:15 PM
LOL she has a wonderful coat already.. especially Qwebble with us, she resembled a puppy at 1 year old ;)
now she's over 2 and her coat is finally growing decently so no reason to worry ;)

23rd October 2008, 03:55 PM
Hi Liz,

Just wanted to tell you not to worry too much about Daisy's coat. My two Cav's are sisters from the same litter, I saw both mum and dad who both had beautiful long thick coats and long ears, although the mum was very dainty whilst the dad was quite a chunky boy!
Well Ruby is very much like her dad....chunky with a thick coat thats much longer and fluffier than Evie's who has a very thin coat that is much shorter than Ruby's. Ruby got her tail feathers at about 4 months old whereas Evie got hers at 6 months.
My girls are on Hill's Science Plan...with a bit of fresh chicken on top....can't resisit treating them lol

Best Wishes