View Full Version : Teaching 'stay' without a verbal command

25th October 2008, 03:02 PM
This is from a recent Dogtime.com newsletter and I thought people might want to read more:

1) From The DogTime Blog Network: Teaching "Stay" Without Words

Part I: The Clues: Usually people focus on the first part - humans love to give verbal instructions (commands). This part of the equation is really the least important part of teaching an animal to do something.

Part II: The Options: Dogs that are trained with force or aversion often get stressed out during the second part of the equation. Stress is not conducive to relationships or learning. In Aversive training the risks for getting an answer wrong can be high and/or the motivation to give an alternate answer too great to avoid putting the dog in a double bind. Want the full story? Read on... http://blogs.dogtime.com/go-dog-training/2008/09/teaching-stay-dont-ask-expect]