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27th October 2008, 12:26 PM
hello everyone i'm so glad that i joined up =)
currently i dont have any cavaliers but i just bought a puppy this week and i will be able to have her by the end of november.
she's still 2 weeks old awwww.
i'm not new to cavaliers i used to own one (a tri color fem) till last year
unfortunately she died after 10 years, her heart condition got very bad, she had liver disease which she got cured for and during her last few weeks she came up with a virus and was pooping blood.
i still miss her terribly and life without her is very difficult, hopefully life will be better with the new addition :jump:

27th October 2008, 11:39 PM

28th October 2008, 12:42 AM
Welcome aboard! So sorry about your tri girl. :flwr:

28th October 2008, 06:32 PM
Welcome to the board! :)

28th October 2008, 10:33 PM
Hello Z,

I'm new to the board too, it's a wonderful website. I lost my beautiful Tri boy a month ago. He was 12 years old.

It is heartbreaking to lose a pet, but looking forward to your new puppy will help. I have Dan 12.5 and so I wasn't left without a dog, but he has been missing his life-long friend.

We're having a 5 month old puppy this weekend, so I'm hoping they will become friends.