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6th November 2008, 04:07 PM
Hey everyone

Been a while, Neima got spayed to hopfully either cure her diabetes or stabilise it. She has dermatology problems her ears can get smelly but that was greatly helped by giving her live cultured yoghurt a think it was lol. Anyways she has had diabetes for over 2 years now and a slight murmur.

She's been spayed for 5 weeks now and seems to be gaining weight. Today however we have noticed a lump next to her nipple, hard to explain it's not a ball more rectangle shaped flat ish and noduled feeling.

Anyways it is back off down the vet with her tomorrow to have a wee poke and prod and to see what it is.

Hope all your babies are doing fine:D


6th November 2008, 04:24 PM
:( I know it's going to be hard for you to control Neima's weight with the diabetes, but it is even more important for her, with that condition and the murmur. Generally we reduce food quantity by 1/3rd following neutering/spaying.

Is she allowed raw vegetables? Maybe you could fill her up with carrots, broccoli, frozen sweetcorn {NOT cobs} etc?

I hope the lump isn't anything to worry about - paws crossed and keep us posted.

6th November 2008, 04:32 PM
Yea I have reduced her food, caught her nicely twice scoffing Lennon's dinner. This has only been the past week or so she has gained a little weight. Bearing in mind before she looked anorexic so I think that little gain has made her look a bit more healthy.

I am generally cautious about what raw veg to give her with the diabetes I have read that some turn into sugar in the stomach but she loves green beans:razz:

We will see what the vet has to say tomorrow and I'll update then.


6th November 2008, 06:29 PM
Hiya Long time no see :flwr:

So how are her sugar level now she been spayed? you should see a difference straight away, if it stops the diabetes. Glad the yoghurt seems to be making a differences, I know how it helped stopped a cycle of infections with SiânE.

Are you still feeding her the Burns diabetic food as that a weight control diet as well. I feed SiânE a 100gms a day split in to two meals, on the pack it says to feed 200gms.

I know it's going to be hard for you to control Neima's weight with the diabetes, but it is even more important for her, with that condition and the murmur. Generally we reduce food quantity by 1/3rd following neutering/spaying.

When you have a diabetic dog spayed or not it easier to control (if stable) the weight as its something you have to think about everyday. SiânE has her own scales to weight her food out and week by week can be a couple of grams up or down the scales to cater for her weight.

The vet are used to me now as I walk into their room and plonk SiânE on the scales before saying hello to them.

Have a check on the http://www.petdiabetes.com/ site for their Recipes pages.Your get an ideal of what's OK to feed her.

6th November 2008, 06:37 PM

No she is still on royal canine I think she is pretty stablish she has had quite a few 0 days and others 1/4 or a half they said it could take a wee bit for to go or stabilise as she has always been a nightmare when it came to diabetes

Just this lump thats appeared now and I will have to take her down tomorrow to get checked over

How's Siane keeping?

6th November 2008, 06:49 PM
Well Royal Canine is also used as a weight lost food as well, so that's a plus, sounds like she is becoming stable now she been spayed so thats great news :thmbsup:

SiânE doing OK, her sight has now gone completely but she still can get over the park but I just let her potter about over there and do her business and she then wants to come home. Her heart has not got any worst, so that's the plus side.

She's much more touchy feely now with me and can find me anywhere around the house. As long as she gets her doggy brazilian to keep her cool shes ok. :)

7th November 2008, 06:11 PM
To Davy:

Awww leasts he knows her way round the house still lol

Adding to post:

Well she has a mammary tumour, they wanted to wait 2 weeks and have a feel. They were not overly concerned about putting her in surgery for a lumpectomy, the reason they weren't going to was because she has just had surgery 5 weeks ago. Poor wee soul they must have been thinking. I asked about a fine needle aspirate but they don't always give you the best reading. I don't want to wait two weeks as say it is cancer (which seems to be the feeling I am getting from the vet) if it was an aggressive form it could start to spread in 2 weeks hypothetically speaking.

So we have decided for a lumpectomy on tuesday and we will have the results back from the biopsy in 3-10 days. I'm not owrrying until there is something to worry about. My only part i got upset and concern over at present is I feel so sorry for her for all that my princess has been through in her tiny little life and it upsets me that she is going back in for an op so soon. I know i could have wait 2-3 weeks but at the end of the day if it is what it could be then tim is crucial in early removal etc.

Thanks Guys for all your support


7th November 2008, 10:25 PM
Poor thing, I really hoped it was just a fatty lump. :(

But I bet Niema will fly through this with ease and be glad of a rest from Lennon :lol:

:xfngr: for her and do let us know how she gets on