View Full Version : Mindy goes to agility

11th November 2008, 12:39 PM
We went to our first agility class last night. At 10 1/2 I was a bit concerned about doing this but it's actually a puppy class and I don't think we'll be doing anything incredibly athletic - if it's too much for her we'll sit out. Mindy seemed to enjoy the class and just stuck her nose up in the air around the other dogs (except the poodle - she was interested in her). She did raise a bit of a chuckle when she jogged sedately to me on the recall as opposed to the border collies who flew through the air. I thought this might be something that would get her out with other dogs (she still misses Zeus) and also something that she and I could do together without the pup who will come home in two weeks.

The class is in an unheated barn and I'm wondering if she needs a jacket? I figure that her coat is similar to the Border Collie's but I don't want her to get too cold. She's never worn a jacket for outside but we don't spend that much time outside in the winter (we're in Ontario, Canada) by the way so it will get below freezing before classes are over. None of the big dogs wore jackets last night (even the very short haired one) but the other small dog did.

She sure was tired afterwards even though we didn't do much. Showing up those young pups is hard work I guess.:):)