View Full Version : Transport help needed

11th November 2008, 11:30 PM
Anyone in St. Louis area that could help?

Is there anyone around the St. Louis area who could drive a couple hours,
possibly the 14th? I have six Cavaliers to get to Chicago. I will drive toward St. Louis, the Chicago people will come down to St. Louis, but we'd love an in-between driver!!

These are owner-release, not mill or auction dogs. They are on Frontline,
and up to date on stuff. All are neutered. It's hard for me to be gone that
long. I have a couple dogs on meds and, in addition to the gas and time, I have to pay my house sitter...

If anyone can help, or maybe knows of someone else who might, you can contact me privately.

Linda Elliott
Ozark MO SchoolCKCS@aol.com