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17th November 2008, 01:42 AM
help me out here!

no matter what i do sooner rather than later she will pee on her bedding, i wash it not using anything other than powder to lessen any smell, atm i could REALLY use some advice.

please don't talk about letting her out regularly as even in the summer when the back door was always open she was doing it.

17th November 2008, 03:32 AM
Pixie and now Bandit and Lizzie both like to pee on area rugs, clothes left on the floor, and Bandit has peed in his bed once. I have found, at least for Lizzie, if I put down those potty pads on the floor she will use them instead if she can't wait to go outside, or I miss the signals. Pixie was the same way. Maybe you could put down those potty pads and then move them closer and closer to the door until eventually they are outside? That is what I did for Pixie and am doing with Lizzie (Bandit hasn't been interested in the potty pads, himself. I've just had to be vigilant about taking him out, watching his signals, etc.). It may be if you can transfer that need to pee on something soft to something soft that is acceptable, you can break the cycle. You might also have to replace the bedding if the peepee smell is in there where she can detect it. It might not ever come out. (I've found my dogs still go for the crotches of underwear when I bring in a load of freshly laundered clothes, so I know it is darn near impossible to get smells completely out, even machine washing and drying)