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Gingers Mommy
17th November 2008, 07:29 PM
I know I havent been around much recently. Life is going great with the new baby. Ginger is so good with her 2 legged brother.
BUT, we are having a problem with her barking outdoors. She doesnt bark at anything specific, she just barks. I believe she needs more exercise in a whole, but because of the barking, its hard to take her out.
Its very frustrating and im trying to work with her as much as I can. I realize this can be an outlet for her from the changes going on in the house. She was never a quiet dog, but it was never this bad.
She gets herself so worked up that she cannot even focus on me. I am working with a dog trainer. It has helped a little bit, we've gone on a few walks with no barks at all! And luckily my husband has now jumped on board and he is helping.
I guess im wondering if anyone has any suggestions for us? I make her sit/stay when we get to an elevator, curb, door. When I think she may be losing it I have her do a down/stay, but if I dont catch it fast enough she cannot even be lured down with a treat. As soon as we get in the house shes quiet.
The trainer says that she has anxiety. In her words she said "shes a mess". I am so distraught over it, i cried the first time we went out with the trainer. I was so upset, I feel like ive done so wrong by her and I just want to fix it.
Another trainer I spoke to when i was at a cavalier meetup mentioned Impulse Control.
Any ideas????