View Full Version : how to stop dog eating cat poo!

18th November 2008, 04:03 PM
My now 2 yr old blenheim has taken only too well to the recent addition of 2 kittens to our household - mainly because she can eat their poo... While they were small, they were kept in and therefore used a litter tray which I could police and make accessible only to them. Now they have the range of our large garden, they poo out of my sight, but my dog always manages to sniff it out - coming trotting into the house, licking her lips in delight (and to our horror when she breathes it in our faces when she lands on our laps). She is well fed and not bored.

Although the suggestion of picking up the poos is obvious and sensible, it is impractical in our big garden. Is there any product one can safely sprinkle on the cats' food to make their faeces unpalatable or any other suggestions anyone has?

18th November 2008, 06:02 PM
There are two ways to stop this:

1) prevent the cats from going outside and keep them as indoor cats or indoors with access to a safe outdoor run (which is better for most cats anyway -- the deathrate statistics for outdoor cats are very high, with a third to half dying either due to accidents or illness caught from other outdoor cats)


2) manage the dog so that she doesn't have the freedom to roam around your garden unwatched.

There is no way to prevent this otherwise, nothing you can sprinkle, it is entirely a management issue. Most dogs love the taste of cat poo. I have to use litter boxes that have access blocked to the dogs or they'd eat it from the litterbox too!