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heather r
25th November 2008, 07:06 PM
As our Abigail is over 4 months ( 8 lbs.) I decided to switch her to 2 meals a day, morning and evening. Since doing so, she is getting me up at 4 to 5:30 to pee and poo.

I wonder if I should change back to 3 meals (adding noon) with her getting more at noon and less at dinner time. Anyadvice would be welcome. I hope to get her to rise at 6 or so.

Heather R

25th November 2008, 07:10 PM
Mine were fed three meals a day until they were about 6 months old, then I went down to 2 meals a day. She's only 4 months old, and will need to go out very often at this age - you're lucky she's getting you up to go out and not having accidents ;)

25th November 2008, 07:58 PM
My pup Sasha is 6 and a half mths old now. She was on 3 feeds per day till 2 weeks ago(7am,12,7pm)and we used routine to help crate/potty train her.Her last potty trip was 1am and then we gradually reduced it to 11pm as she got bigger.
Now she is fed along with the other cavalier at 7am and then 3.30pm.Inbetween they get some JWB biscuits and some green beans,salmon skin bones(1 a week),dentastix(2 a week).

I found the easiest way to avoid getting up during the night was using a routine of feeding and toileting during the day.I also use a baby monitor (and still use this)during the nights just incase as she makes whimpering noises.

I think if you maybe adjust the feeding times back to three times per day(as she is still quite young) and keep her in a feeding routine it might just avoid ur trips during the night time to her.


heather r
27th November 2008, 06:26 PM
Thanks for advice! I have put her back on 3 meals a day even though breeder said I could go to 2. She is getting up at 5:30 AM which is better than 4 AM. I believe she doesn't have accidents in crate because breeder had us get an extra small crate . She has a soft bed in it and hasn't had an accident in it :xfngr: although she has had one or two pee accidents when we weren't super vigilent. No poo accidents for that she goes to door or lets me know.

Heather R

3rd December 2008, 01:42 AM
We feed Charlie twice a day and it is not the same time everyday. But we take him out very last thing at night before we go to bed. It is usually around 12:30. He has his cookie, a drink of water and then he goes to the door. But if he does need to go, he stands on me, usually my head, to wake me up.

heather r
3rd December 2008, 08:46 PM
Cricky 19;

We will be keeping Abigail on 3 meals until she's 6 months. She is going to bed at 10 PM and sleeping until 6:15- 6:30 AM.

This gives us some needed sleep. I tried 2 meals with treats in between but she still got up at 4:30 AM.She is small for a cavalier and I don't think that her system is ready for just 2 meals. Thanks for info!

Heather R

6th December 2008, 01:53 AM
I feed Alfie (5-1/2 mo.) twice - 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. He sleeps till 6:30 or 7 and always poops as soon as he goes outside even though he usually poops about 7 p.m. the night before. I take him out for the last time about 9 p.m. He's adjusted really well to this schedule.