View Full Version : Grooming photos...??

27th November 2008, 05:29 PM
Need to get Murphy and Holly off to the groomers soon, as Murphy in particular has REALLY long hair these days... and with the bad weather then its always catching all the mud, leaves....etc.

I just wanted to see some before and after shots of your grooming experiences - good and bad ones - and a wee description of what you asked for.

I've been trimming them both myself, but can't seem to get the 'feathering' right on Murphy... poor boy always looks so 'blunt'. :rolleyes:

27th November 2008, 05:55 PM

My two are going to get groomed on monday, they will both just be getting their skirts and their slippers trimmed and Bailey will be getting his ears trimmed as his fur is very light and whispy.

I'll take a pic of them now and on Monday and I'll post them some time next week so you can have a look!