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28th November 2008, 05:04 PM
My 6.5 month old male Cavalier puppy still pees like a girl, but starting YESTERDAY he marks things. We went to my moms for Thanksgiving and he got her bed corner and the spare bed! OMG, happy thanksgiving to me! I have him scheduled to be neutered on Dec. 10 (I was waiting a bit longer then 6 months because one of his testicles has yet to drop). Anyway, my question is, is there something I can do at home (yes he got my arm chair...we don't have any other pets so I don't really understand that) but is there something I can do to deter him from marking my house until he gets fixed?? I use that Natures Miricle stuff to clean up the mess, can I pre-spray the corners of my furniture or is there a better idea?? He's completely house broken....except for this male thing...... Thanks.

28th November 2008, 05:24 PM
This is a training issue like any other. You need to try and catch him to interrupt (and then praise for stopping) before he fully lifts his leg -- which means 100% supervision and management, 100% of the time, so that he never gets the opportunity. Either he is managed (eg penned), asleep, or is in arm's reach. No allowing him to wander around -- at any rate he is still so young that you already risk falling into the single biggest training problem people have, that of thinking their dog is housetrained before he actually is, based on a week or two of no accidents. Housetraining to reliability generally takes until one year of age. Many people come here compalining that they have only discovered at 9 or 10 months that their dog is weeing inside, for example -- but the likelihood is, the dog has been doing this for quite some time because at around 5-6 months, owners believed the dog was housetrained and stopped watching all the time. We have nearly all been there!

This is basically still a housetraining challenge -- a normal part of housetraining in other words, that hasn;t yet been completed -- and totally normal for males. And six months would be very, very young for a dog to be completely housetrained (indeed, he is not housetrained yet if he is marking! It means he doesn't make the connection between not spritzing inside and going outside, full stop). Also neutering, while helping, doesn't necessarily stop males from marking inside. So the bottom line is, back to housetraining! :thmbsup: Don't give him the freedom (eg lack of supervision and management) to be lifting that leg before you can intervene and distract.