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Wrigs Mom
28th November 2008, 06:52 PM
Hi everyone! Wrigley is almost 5 years old and recently, when going to the groomer, she mentioned that he has lost hair on his neck and shoulders (under his ears). Now, I did notice the neck, but the shoulders weren't too bad. When Wrigley was a year he started losing hair on his neck, too but it was from his collar. Now. he only wears a collar when he goes outside. We have a vet appointment tomorrow, but I'm nervous. He did have some allergy/hot spot issues in August-October and was put on Temaril, which helped. Anyone else experience this type of hair loss on their Cavalier? I'm wondering if it's another allergy....or something worse, which scares me to death! Any help would be appreciated!

Wrigs Mom
28th November 2008, 06:53 PM
Oh, I should also mention he has been eating the same food for almost a year and a half now....Innova, which he loves. Nothing in his diet has changed at all.

28th November 2008, 07:00 PM
Oh poor little fella. Let us know what happens tomorrow.

28th November 2008, 10:26 PM
Yes I have had a cavalier that lost his hair, turned out it was a thyroid problem, I am sorry to say I cannot remember if it was overactive or underactive, Once treated he very quickly regained is coat and started feeling and looking much better. Good luck.

Wrigs Mom
29th November 2008, 07:36 PM
Little Wrigs went to visit his boyfriend, the vet, this morning (he loves going)! They did a blood test on him to determine if it is a thyroid issue, just like you said it could be HollyDolly. We will get the results on Monday. I'm such a nervous parent!!! The thought of him having to take medication his whole life is really upsetting me. He is acting perfectly healthy, just losing hair. HollyDolly, what was your experience with this? How old was your dog when this happened?

29th November 2008, 09:40 PM
My dog was 7 years when diagnosed. My vet assured me he could live a full and active life with medication. His main problem was MVD which had nothing to do with Thyroid problems and unfortuantely succumbed to that.
I know it's very hard when you have a poorly dog and has to be on medication for the rest of their life but I realy try now to enjoy every day with my dogs and not look to far ahead. I have a 15 year old who has been on long term medication since she was 7 and half I was convinced I would not have her for another 6 months let alone 8 years.
Let us know the blood tests results the more we share the better as support on this board is BRILL.:flwr:

Wrigs Mom
29th November 2008, 11:54 PM
Thanks for the encouragement! I know it will be fine, but it's just hard. The funny thing is that Wrigley is his same old self...just with a little less fur on his neck/shoulders. Still wagging his tail excessively, still loved going to the vet, still became best friends with everyone in the waiting room, so it's hard for be to believe he's "sick". Part of me is hoping that he doesn't have a thyroid problem and it's just allergies. We'll find out on Monday. Until then, I'm just going to be nervous for him!

30th November 2008, 12:27 AM
Sometimes it takes a little while to get settled on the correct dosage-a few blood tests along the way-but it is a simple daily task to give the thyroid and it in turn influences the dog's body significantly. My Golden,Mollie-a rescue-came a little too roly poly, poor coat,allergies, no eyelashes. She's been on thyroid med for 5 years and her eyelashes are lovely,she's trim and her coat is much improved. She still has allergies to environment unfortunately but otherwise she :xfngr: is extremely healthy-never has to see the Vet except for annual. If Wrigley has low thyroid, it's easy to fix :). Thyroid meds can be gotten from many sources at reasonable prices.