View Full Version : Any news on a breeder list yet?

1st December 2008, 03:34 PM
Is the list of reputible breeders who MRI scan, heart test and use older dogs to breed from etc etc still in the pipeline? Any news on it?
Thanks :)

1st December 2008, 05:36 PM
This really has to be an Individual breeder and/or club-led initiative -- because someone has to commit to verifying claims about testing and breeders need to decide themselves how they want to manage listings and how and what to list. For example, it is easy for someone to say they test and leave it at that, implying to many people that responsible breeding decisions are being made as a result of those tests. But backyard and pet market and puppy farm breeders make this type of statement all the time on their websites -- and clearly are not making responsible decisions in the vast majority of cases, if ever.

So a simple list is pretty meaningless -- and if there were a list people would still have to do all the checks themselves. Some clubs in other breeds have publicly available health information that is very helpful and the process is open and transparent but the CKCS Clubs so far have chosen not to embrace this type of listing. There have been some attempts to start something but there's been little breeder support.

This is one reason people feel a mandatory national system may be necessary.

Also very shortly MRI testing will be mostly superceded by the Estimated Breeding Values (one reason why any and all pet owners and breeders who have cardiologist or MRI tested or eye tested their dogs (dogs that have pedigrees and national kennel club registration numbers) should get in touch with Dr Sarah Blott to submit those verified results as these are crucial to shaping the accuracy of EBVs! ). It is not yet clear how the EBVs will be made available, and what puppy buyers would ask for -- presumably the EBVs of both parents and a verification that they were indicated as being a top match for health).

1st December 2008, 06:33 PM
If a significant group of dogs appears with public results of tests done by relevant vets or cardiologist,those owners/breeders not having this certificates will automatically be presumed as hiding something, and not desirable as a person to buy from.Looked from the eye of a puppy buyer.
Some countries have quite large databases and I suppose can be fulled with more accurate data.It looks much easier than creating a new one,not saying it should not be done,but in this transition period would do the job.
Today almost every breeder has his web page,and some do put their test results,even MRI and Heart uzv.
Not many, but it will become a standard eventually.
In my country Cavaliers do not have to take any tests,but few breeders do some tests(not MRI ).Are these tests relevant ones, is left to buyer to check.
The rest of them, and people having only one bitch or stud dog, mostly won't do any tests, unless they are obligated to do so, to get a license to breed.It needs to be an obligation for everybody who wants to breed!Not a recommendation.
Am i right?